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HealthSense Medical Travel Clinic
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HealthSense Medical Travel Clinic

Exciting trip coming up? Book your travel health appointment at HealthSense Medical Travel Clinic, a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic by the Government of Canada. Conveniently located in North Oakville, we cater to residents of Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Halton & Mississauga

At HealthSense, you'll get expert travel health advice, direct billing to your insurance plan, travel supplies on-site at our Pharmacy, plus vaccines and travel medications for yourself and your family. Even if you are travelling at the last minute, HealthSense Medical Travel Clinic can provide travel health protection

Make your health a priority and book your travel health appointment today.

Travel Advisories
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Popular Travel Destinations
You may need travel vaccines if you are travelling to any of the following poplular destinations.
Don't let illness derail your plans while you are overseas! Get a Travel Health Consultation and your vaccines now. Short notice appointments available. Individual, Couples and Families welcome.
Travel Vaccinations
Travel vaccines are recommended to limit your risk of contracting serious diseases when travelling abroad. HealthSense Medical Travel Clinic will customize a travel health plan and administer travel vaccines based on your travel destination, specific needs and health status.

Learn more about Travel Vaccines you may need before you travel.
Routine Vaccinations
Routine vaccinations prevent you from illnesses such as Tuberculosis, Shingles, Tetanus and more. The Government of Canada recommends all routine vaccinations are up-to-date for both adults and children, regardless of your travel destination. It's a good idea to get boosters or re-immunized.

Learn more about routine vaccinations here.
Insurance Coverage
Save money and time. Unlike other travel clinics that require you to pay for travel vaccines in full and then submit receipts to your Insurance provider on your own time, HealthSense Medical Travel Clinic will direct-bill your Insurance provider at the end of your visit. You only pay the co-pay.

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